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About us

Welcome to Sotion Official Site!

Founded in Boston, MA, USA 
Halan Corp is a growing international company with Sotion brand, a US registered trademark by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), focusing on providing state-of-the-art household smart products that are company-branded. We have 15 well-known global manufacture partners and e-commercial stages on Amazon. Our cross-border e-business covers a wide variety of countries such as the US, Canada, China, Spain, Japan, and the European Union. Our aim is to make your life easier and more intelligent.
The focus of Sotion is to create and develop up-to-date intelligent products for every day uses. We have currently produced a series of high resolution surveillance cameras such as Sotion SS01B, Sotion SS02B, Sotion SS03Y, Sotion SS04W and Sotion SS04B. Many more products will be available soon, so please visit our website and find which product is best for you!
Sotion is committed to working with fellow businesses as well as our customers to build relationships of trust and mutual satisfaction. In the Sotion community, our customer services and technical support team will always be there for you. Your satisfaction and the high quality of our products is our number one prioriy. Sotion group provides people and products you can count on!

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Halan Corporation

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