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Sotion Cam Frequently Asked Questions

Home >> Sotion Cam Frequently Asked Questions
What's the quick connection/installation of SotionCam on my Cellphone/Ipad?
Here is the Quick Connection/Installation of the SotionCam on your cellphone/ipad:
If you just receive the camera, please follow the steps to connect:
1. Download the App “SotionCam” from App Store to your device.
2. Power on the camera, then connect it to router by Ethernet cable(Provided in the box).
3. After the camera stops moving, open the SotionCam App, click "Add Camera >> Add Wi-Fi Connected Camera", click Search(LAN)”to acquire the camera ID, enter default password 8888. Click “Apply”. Your camera now shows “online” in device list. Not yet, Continue...
4. In the SotionCam App, click “Settings >>Management >> Wi-Fi Settings”select your Wi-Fi network and input Wi-Fi password.Click “OK”. The camera will reboot automatically and move again.
5. After the camera stops moving, you can unplug the Ethernet cable, then you will hear two beep sounds from the camera, the camera now is connected to Wi-Fi.You can unplug the camera and move to other room near the router. Power the camera on again and it will connect to the Wi-Fi automatically.

*If you don't have router but Wi-Fi, please refer to page 04 of user manual to set up the camera.
*If you want to set up on PC/Mac, please refer to detailed user manual.

If you fail the connection or if you have already added but it didn’t show “Online” and you want to reconnect or any other reasons you want to reconnect, please follow below:
1.      Make sure it is empty on your device list. If you already added, please delete the camera ID in the device list (click  to delete IP camera).
2.      Reset the camera. (Use the provided Pin, stick it into the reset button at the bottom of the camera, press and hold about 10 sec until “Ding…”)
3.     About 20-30 seconds, go to your cellphone “setting” >>Wi-Fi setting, then click the camera ID “CMXXX” to connect the Wi-Fi.
4.     Open the App “SotionCam”, click “Add Camera” > "Add Wi-Fi Connected Camera", click “Search” the camera ID, and add to your device list, input Camera password “ 8888”, then click “Apply”.
5.     In the SotionCam,click Setting>Management>Wi-Fi Settings>, select your Wi-Fi name and input the password.  Click OK, then the camera will automatically Reboot.
6.     Waiting for one minute you are all set.
How to set up and use SotionCam?
About how to set up the SotionCam and how to use the camera, please refer to the video on Youtube, click the link below:
How can I set up the camera using a public network?
If the public network requires authorization before you can visit network, then the camera cannot be set up in such network. For example, when your cellphone is connected to the public Wi-Fi, but in order to connect the network, it asks you to login on their official website using an account.For such network, you cannot set up the camera, even you can connect to the Wi-Fi. Your phone has a browser for you to log in the account, but the camera does not have a browser to input such information.  
When Do I Need To FORMAT the Micro SD Card? And When I Don’t Need to FORMAT?
MUST Format Micro SD Card: A. For Brand-new micro SD card, please format before use; B. Any micro SD card, if inserted to the powered on camera; C. The SD card capacity is not detected.
No Format Needed:If SD card is inserted into the camera when the camera is powered off and the capacity of SD card is detected after the camera is powered on.
Can I Record What's Showing on My iPad on the APP for the Camera?
Yes, you can take snapshots and record video files via the APP. You can also view the recorded files in your mobile device or in the camera.
Can This Camera Be Accessed Remotely from Outside of My Network with Proper Port Forwarding?
It will work remotely form outside the network. It supports P2P pairing which is much easier then port forwarding 
How Can I Set up the Night Vision?
Please go to App, click Settings>>Night Vision Settings to set up. Or you can click the IR light located on the live video
How Can I Set up the Camera Password?
The App will recommend you to change the password for your first time to connect the camera. Otherwise, please go to settings>> Change Camera Password to set up.
How do I set the motion detection alarm? Do I have to constantly have my phone connected to the camera in order for the alarms to work? Or do I set it up once and disconnect?
Please go to APP, click Settings>>Management>>Motion Detection Settings>>Enabled>>Sensitivity, Alarm sound, Receive Alarm Message>>Apply.

You don't need to connect the phone to the camera all the time, just need to have the app run in the background, you could still receive alarms.
I Have Set up the Camera and the Video Works Fine but There is No Sound. How Can I Get This to Work?
Please click the sound button on the video page.
After Using the Cable Connection, I Unplug the Cable, But the Camera Show Offline?
Please wait about 20 Seconds after you unplug the cable, to allow the camera for self-testing, then it will show online.
When Should I Use “Add Online Camera”?
If the camera has been connected to Wi-Fi, you can use “Add Online Camera”. There are two situations to add an online camera to your devices (i.e. Cellphone): One is to add new device to the camera, for example, you have already connected to your cellphone, and your family member want to add the same camera to their cellphones too, then please select “Add Online Camera”; Second, your camera is online, but you delete the APP or delete the camera in the device list.
What is SD Card Required for Recording? Why I Can’t Use My Micro SD Card for Recording?
The camera supports up to 64 GB micro SD card.YouMust format the SD card following the Format instruction. If a SD card is not recognized when inserted into camera, please remove and insert again.